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December 2, 2010

My Diastasis Has Got Me Down

At approximately 36wks pregnant (when EVERYONE¬† sworn I would’ve given birth by then), I went for my weekly check up with my midwife. I of course was depressed that I was only 1cm still, but I noticed while laying on the table that I had a slight bulge on my belly (that WASN’T the baby). Of course, being the slight hypochondriac that I am, I say “What’s that?” She nonchalantly says, “Oh, its a hernia. It should go away after childbirth.” I was ok with this WHILE AT THE OFFICE, but as soon as I got home I jumped on google. Word of advice, while pregnant, do NOT google everything (however, you should research and make informed and educated decisions on your pregnancy and birth). So google scared me half to death about women who herniated while pregnant. As my husband likes to say tho, it already was done so my goal was fixing it or not dwelling on it. I didn’t dwell on it because I was already paranoid enough. So naturally, after my c-section of my 8lb 2oz baby (yeah he was a lot bigger than they thought), while lying in bed I saw my stomach move and asked “is there another baby in there?!?” My doctor (where my midwife practiced) explained that my abdominal muscles separated during pregnancy and that what I was seeing was my intestines move. Eww gross. He then explained that the only way to fix it was through exercise and after 6wks, if I heal up nicely, that I could begin with 1 crunch a week and work up every 2wks. Imagine my attitude after a MALE doctor told me to workout after having a baby! By my 6wk checkup, I had learned that I had what’s called Diastasis Recti (probably with a slight hernia, yea its still there). There are two options to fix it, surgery (tummy tuck) or what’s called the Tupler Technique (a series of exercises targeted at closing the gap). I definitely wasn’t going to do surgery because I eventually plan on having at least ONE more child. I asked my ob/gyn (same guy who told me to exercise) about diastasis and the Tupler exercises. His response was, “Look, I’ll be happy if you just WORKOUT. Most of the clients here do not.” Wow, ok. I began, wrapping, binding, and whatever else I could do to pull my muscles together(and hide my belly). That worked for approx 1 month. Fast forward to now (4 months later) and I started P90X (which has been recommended NOT to do while having diastasis, so I skipped a lot of the ab work that strained that area). I went back to researching the Tupler Technique after week 2 of P90X. I was getting upset with what I had seen in the mirror. My body was showing results but my belly was still…gross. I stumbled upon a blog Shape of a Mother and that made me feel somewhat better. Beautiful women that had children and how they look. However, I’m sick of feeling the way I do about my belly (I look about 4-5mths preggo, I think I have a 8 finger separation) so I’ve decided to go ahead and get the Diastasis Rehab package. I wish there was someone here in Atlanta that did the training but there isn’t. So, as soon as I start, I’ll keep you updated on my progress. Wish me luck! Any other ladies with body issues after baby or dealing with diastasis?

He stuck out like a bullet which probably caused the diastasis


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