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October 17, 2011

Toddler Bootcamp

Since these last few weeks of clinical training for school, I haven’t been able to spend time with Alex like I want to. We have been potty training and working on vocabulary as I got him ready for school in the morning and ready for bed in the evening. But these past six weeks while I was training, Daddy took him to school in the morning and I was just to exhausted in the evening.  Potty training took more than a backseat since the daycare wasn’t enforcing it like I thought. Alex started acting out and screaming for things since I wasn’t there as much as I used to be (and yes, this broke my heart entirely). So, I decided that during my two week break from clinicals, Alex was gonna go through “Toddler Bootcamp”.

But why mommy? You know I love you right?!?

For me, Toddler Bootcamp was heavy (well heavier, since I’m not TRYING to stress it too much) potty training, introducing new words and making sure he used his words when asking for things. So far, today Monday is day 3.  I am proud to say that Alex has been asking for the potty consistently and we are back up to approximately 50%. Also, there have been less meltdowns but he’s been slightly under the weather so that calls for more cuddling rather than falling out in front of the fridge because I can’t tell whether he wants yogurt, milk, pediasure, or water.

So, what am I doing different? Pottying: asking more often, paying more attention to cues, and for about 2-3hrs a day he is diaper-free. Vocabulary/Manners: introduce new words as often as possible, reinforce manners where important like the dinner table, make sure that both Daddy and I use manners. Other things: discipline with this little one has been HARD. We have a timeout chair which he does sometimes but in true mischievous little boy fashion, he loves to disobey.  So for now, taking the Nanny Jo approach with timeout, explain afterwards what was wrong, child apologize, hug and keep it moving. Let’s hope all this stuff works!

What is new with your little ones? Am I crazy for putting little man through “toddler bootcamp”?


August 7, 2010

Life Changes

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I always been a slight workaholic.  I go to school and work full-time.  I’m outside of my home approx. 15 hours a day.  That was all fine and dandy at the age of 22 when I was working on my undergrad and had two jobs.  I’m about to be 29, married with a new baby boy.  I have home responsibilities now.

As of September, I’ll be starting my clinical rotations for school at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta (and Fayetteville most likely).  I’m excited, but the bummer is that I’m leaving my current job (I already have senioritis tho).  With more time for myself (and my new family), I plan on re-vamping my business (StarLIT PR) and getting back into the thick of things.  I miss my friends out there, I miss my husband, and I definately don’t wanna miss out on my son.  Time for me to do ME!

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