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September 18, 2010

My Son is my Alarm Clock

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Ever since I started working at the hospital (630am-3pm), my son switched his schedule along with me and wakes up at 5am for a morning feed. It’s almost like he is making sure that mommy is awake. Unfortunately though, before I started at the hospital, daddy threw his back out. Like super bad. The doctor doesn’t even want him to lift our 13lb son! Thank goodness for family who has been a big help. I love being able to take care of my husband, but its starting to be a pain, and it’s only been ONE WEEK! Sometimes, I wanna nap but I can’t leave him alone with the baby. God forbid if he falls or even drops the baby when he has a muscle spasm.
In other news, I’m still hating the daycare. For one, they fed my lil man rice cereal because he hit 4 months old. I asked them not to and they want a doctor’s note (since she said closer to 5-6mths). What is THAT craziness?!? Then, when his teachers speak of him getting solids, they tell me “he won’t want your milk anymore” or “how will you keep up??”. My response has been, “we’ll do just fine thank you”. Luckily for me, the hospital has been very accomadating with my pumping situation (it IS a hospital). Other than that mess at the daycare, everyone loves my son. I hope they don’t spoil the mess out of him!
Working at the hospital has been awesome. I felt weird asking for breaktime (which I can work with the ones already provided) and a place to pump. My director (a man) went straight to a nursing mom and asked her for the info and showed me the way! There are a lot of mothers that work there and its cool to hear stories about the different stages. Plus, I’m geting to do something I love, and that is working in the lab!


September 2, 2010

Time to Make the Cookies

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That’s what one of my students at my job said to me the other day. “Time to make the cookies”. He was referring to me taking the walk to my curtained room to pump my milk. I actually liked the phrase. Better than what another student told my boss, “oh she is milking” LOL. While I sit here “making cookies”, I am reminded of how my job, coworkers, and students helped me accomplish 4mths of breastfeeding. It wasn’t easy, but a little bit of determination and a good attitude will help you a lot. Everyone thought I was crazy for going back to work at 4wks. Even crazier for going back to school at 6wks postpartum. I was warned about nipple confusion and failing at breastfeeding. Thank goodness I have a thing about proving people wrong. When I home, my baby gets all of me and he truly loves his “daddy time” when I’m not there. Now that my schedule has changed, he’ll ignore me and look to daddy cuz I’m trying to get in on their time! Putting my 2wks in at work was really hard for me but I’m excited for the changes that are coming with it. Lil’ man just has to be ok with mommy being home from now on! ūüôā

August 27, 2010


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So now everyone is mentioning my son is teething.¬† I, however, have been saying this for the past few weeks.¬† It started with the excessive drooling, the bearing down on mommy (yep, my nipples knew first), wanting to have everything in his mouth.¬† You know, the typical signs.¬† No one, not even the hubs believed me.¬† Yesterday the daycare mentioned it and NOW it makes sense. Um hello?!?!? I’m his mother! I know when my son is teething.¬† The poor boy sucked a red mark on his arm just to ease his gums.¬† I’m tempted to run out and get some Orajel for his poor gums or should I do like our mothers did and put a lil liquor on it?¬† Please know that I’m kidding (no alcohol for the little guy yet).¬† Anyone got some home remedies for me?

Drunk (milk drunk that is LOL)

P.S. The daycare also told me that he spit out the formula cause it was so nasty to him. Yay for breastmilk!

August 24, 2010

I’ve Been Slacking

Yes, yes I know.¬† I’ve disappeared these past few days on this blog.¬† Well first I had a supply issue that I was trying to conquer (thanks Aunt Flo).¬† I freaked (literally broke down crying) because I had to supplement with formula one day but it really caught me back up.¬† Thank goodness my baby prefers breastmilk! So does the hubby, he goes “yea, that formula tastes NOTHING like breastmilk….eww!” LOL.¬† I’ve also had a mini freakout because this is the week I put my two weeks in.¬† I’m not ready to leave the benefits or the people here, but I’m so ready for my clinical rotations.¬† Thank goodness for stipend money!

This weekend, I got to see 3 of my preggo ladies and talk to my online¬†preggo on the phone (I’ve never heard her voice before! LOL)¬† They are all great, minus the hormonal rollercoaster but do you know how hard it is to make a baby…FROM SCRATCH?!?!?¬† We talked about men (and boys), taking care of ourself for the little ones, sex, and of course breastfeeding (gimme a break, I just figured out I’m a lactivist).¬† The 3rd (my lil man) enjoyed being around the ladies and posted up with his little cute self (he gets it from daddy).¬† I would’ve NIP but I was in the center of the restaurant with 3 preggo ladies.¬† Plus, hubby isn’t too fond of it.¬† In my mind, nursing is very intimate between my child and I.¬† If I was in a booth and wasn’t having loud convo and didn’t have a bag of “mommy’s milk” handy, I probably would have.¬† Anyhow, I found out one of my preggos is having a boy.¬† I’m so excited for her!¬† Since all 3 are due in January, I’m thinking a joint baby shower.¬† However, I don’t want one to be jipped over the others.¬† Ahh decisions, decisions! What do you think?

August 2, 2010

Adventures in Breastfeeding

So my son started daycare today.  I was hurt slightly, I think dad missed him more since he is the WAHD (work at home dad).  I knew even though my mother works at the daycare, the staff in the infant room was not well versed in bottle feeding a breastfed baby. 

I knew I should have written down instructions because I’m extremely attached to my “liquid gold”.¬† Instead, I measured out 4-4oz bottles as well as giving them an extra bag (thanks Lansinoh) just in case which would last until 6pm.¬† At 1145ish, they call my husband (who in turn, called me) for “more milk because¬†we ran out”.¬† I freaked out! How did my child eat ALL that food in approx. 4hrs?!?!?¬† I know that breastmilk digests more easily than formula, but were they sticking a bottle in his mouth everytime he made a peep?¬† I called the hubby to freak out, but he was already taking my frozen stash up there and he was HOT so he didn’t want me to break that mood (did I mention I LOVE this man?!?!).¬† In the meantime, I pumped on the way home from school (yes, PWD).¬† I guess I was in panic mode and had suction on a little higher than expected, so I was sore by the time I got home.¬† When hubby arrived, he calmed me down greatly.¬† Turns out, my son likes to “nurse” his milk.¬† At about 2-3oz, he will pause (whether to burp, look around, smile, laugh) and then continue to drink the other 1-20z.¬† The lovely workers (yes, that’s dripping with sarcasm) fed him 2oz, laid him down and was wondering why he was screaming for more food every 45min-1hr.¬† So with him eating every hour, they freaked and thought they would run out.¬† He didn’t, and ate just the 4-4oz bottles by 6pm.¬† Thank goodness I know my baby and kudos to daddy!

July 21, 2010


So today I feared getting a PWD ticket on the way home from school today.¬† What is PWD? Well it’s Pumping-while-Driving! Weird? Yes. Dangerous? Probably. Extra Pumping Session? Definately.

How did I do it? Well thanks to Sam, I now know how to pump hands-free with rubberbands (although I may cut my sports bra soon and use that).  I wear scrubs to school so I had the horns strategically placed underneath my scrub top (the same HUUUUGE top I wore when I was 10mths pregnant).  I hooked up my Medela PIS Advanced up to the car adapter and myself in the parking lot of school and turned it on.  And off I went.  By the time I got home I had 4oz from each side!

Why I wouldn’t recommend it.¬† I’m still in that “euphoric” breast pumping state.¬† So, I TRULY couldn’t concentrate on the road.¬† Also, I was so nervous about people knowing what I was doing or being pulled over, I’m sure my stress levels and paranoia didn’t help too much with let-down.¬† Will I do it again? Probably.¬† Now that I know the whole mechanism, I can utilize my commute to and from school.¬† I will say a prayer tho (I almost always do when I get behind the wheel)!

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