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December 1, 2010

My Childbirth Story

At 39 weeks, my midwife told me that the practice would only let her have me go 1 week over my due date. I understood, working in healthcare, so I planned for when I would be out of school. I was banking on the fact that I would have a natural (meaning no drugs) childbirth and if I HAD to be induced, I was still going to have the baby vaginally. By week 40, I was doing all ‘natural induction‘ techniques but nothing seemed to work! My midwife hooked me up to a monitor in the office and I was contracting but not dilating. She gave me some evening primrose oil, said I could do Castor oil rubs, have sex and she expected to see me at the hospital in labor. The day of my scheduled induction, she was shocked that I still hadn’t gone into labor. By this point, I was having pretty consistent contractions at 10-15min apart but still not dilating. My midwife said the she would meet me at the hospital and start me with Cervidil. She explained that way, I can dilate with my contractions and the baby should be out by the morning. This was Wednesday evening at 7pm. 9am Thursday morning she came into my hospital room asking me why I didn’t have my baby yet. I had been on my birthing ball, changing positions, walking around…nothing. My midwife also had “words” (outside my room of course) with my RN on the morning shift because the RN decided to pull my Cervidil after the midwife said she wanted to be the ONLY one to touch me. Plus, this RN kept asking me when did I want pain medication because “at some point you’re GONNA need it“.  10am, Pitocin was started. She didn’t want to PUSH me, so she did smaller than the recommended increments because, that baby was coming out! That’s when things got hard. The pressure was a whole lot stronger than I had been feeling. My husband and doula would switch off and massage me, I was in and out of bed, still rolling on the ball, and I tried to eat but my appetite was gone. Around 6pm, after going to the potty and climbing back into bed, the RN came to check on me before her shift ended. In those 5 minutes of talking to her, I felt a huge rush of warm fluid and said, “Ooo, I think my water just broke!” She told me, “No, can’t be” (see why I didn’t like her?) To which I responded, “It can’t be pee, I JUST went!” She checked me, and almost said no again until she saw it still flowing and said, “you sure did break your water!” I felt relieved because the end was near. My midwife came back in (she was supposed to be off for 2 days from the hospital but she refused to let me birth without her), checked me and I was 5cm. Sometime after the next pitocin increment and the next 2hrs, I lost track of what was going on. I literally was in “active labor”, delusional, breathing thru each contraction (which seemed like 0min apart), and just wanted my husband by me holding my hand. The next time I saw my midwife, I asked for just a little something. I think she gave me Demerol which let me rest for about 10-15min. Around 9pm, the midwife was back in my room and I had oxygen on my face (where did THAT come from?). Her, the evening shift RN, my doula, and my husband had me changing positions constantly and trying to massage the baby down into my birth canal, which really hurt my back. The next thing I heard was my midwife quietly tell the nurse, “can you call Doctor Jordan?” My first words were, “I’m going to surgery? Can I get the epidural now?” The midwife explained that the baby’s heartrate started to drop and was not progressing down the birth canal. She wanted to wait a little longer but have the doctor ready. I asked for the epidural again. My husband and doula knew I was speaking out of pain, tiredness, and just plain delusional LOL. They told me it wasn’t what I wanted and I was doing so well. “Let’s not think of surgery. You are doing great, you are strong.” I started pleading with my husband, “I know that, this is not out of pain. I’m tired and about to go to surgery. I want the epidural!” Somehow, the husband and I decided to go ahead and get the epidural and see if I can progress and NOT be cut (I was trying to avoid a c-section). The midwife agreed. Of course, it seemed like hours for the anesthesiologist to get there and I was soooo relaxed after getting my epidural. I fell asleep and next thing I know it was midnight and my midwife told me the heartrate was still dropping, the baby still wasn’t coming down, and she didn’t want it to be an emergency c-section. I asked her to leave to discuss with my husband. I was comfortable to go ahead with the surgery because I felt that everything was done at that point. When my midwife came back in, I told her my decision and asked her to be in surgery next to my doctor. She agreed not to leave me until I woke up from surgery and b/c she did, I ended up with a beautiful stitch that she made sure the doc did (and refused for her to use staples)! I was asleep for the most part (which is why I didn’t want drugs, they hit me hard); turns out my son was FACE UP (yay for back labor) and 8lbs 2oz (they expected high 6s, low 7s). My husband woke me up, put my glasses on and let me kiss my son for the 1st time. I was happy it was over. I cried tears of joy.  It was great that he was healthy and I was recovering nicely. Below, you’ll find some important parts from my Birth Plan (which was loosely followed since I ended up with a c-section). Did your childbirth experience follow your birth plan? How closely?

My Birth Plan (excerpts):

I would like the room to stay as quiet and tranquil as possible.  I would like to keep the door closed, minimal interruptions, soft voices, dim lights, and soft music (provided by myself).  Please do not offer any pain medication to me. I will request it if needed.

  • I prefer not to have my labor augmented as long as baby and I are fine.  If my labor needs to be induced or augmented, I prefer natural methods (i.e.-nipple stimulation) and Cervidil (if needed)
  • infrequent vaginal exams
  • freedom to move around (including sitting up, walking around, etc.)
  • as long as the baby and I are doing well:  intermittent rather than continuous EFM,  no stringent time limits

If C-section is needed, I’d like:

  • My husband to be present at all times
  • the surgery to be explained to me as it happens
  • to breastfeed as soon as possible

"Hey there lil guy! Nice to finally meet you"


November 30, 2010

My Sad Lil’ Man

So my son didn’t get over his little sickness like I thought he would.  It lasted all through Thanksgiving and proceeded to get worse on Monday.  Sunday evening, he was a terror overnight.  He didn’t want to nurse, he didn’t want to be comforted, didn’t want to eat, and definitely didn’t want to sleep.  Hubs and I went against our judgment (probably because we were deliriously tired) and sent him to daycare Monday.  When I picked him up, even his teacher mentioned that he wasn’t like himself that day.  4am this morning, I decided “he HAS to see the doctor”.  Home remedies weren’t getting him any better and I couldn’t stand to see him sick anymore.  Good thing I did! Dad called and got us an appointment within 30min (he said he had a fever).  When we got there, he actually DID have a slight fever.  Turns out he had an ear infection in BOTH ears and had slight congestion in his chest.  The doc, well NP, that saw him gave him a nebulizer treatment and augmentin.  They also gave him a suppository because he was FULL when the NP listened to his stomach (probably too much solids too fast).  Once again, I’m glad he isn’t unbearable to deal with when he’s sick.  After his dose of antibiotic, he actually played with me a bit.  I just hate to see him this way.  Rx: More mommy loving, nursing/fluids, REST.

November 21, 2010

Ebola Monkey Virus Kid

So this weekend hasn’t been too well for The 3rd.  He has a runny nose, a sore throat with a really bad cough, and a slight fever (which is probably from the teething).  I swear, every weekend I get him feeling 100% but on Monday when he returns to daycare he’s back to feeling icky.  And the reason why? Besides the fact that he is in daycare, there is ONE child that has been sick since DAY 1.  I don’t mean a little runny nose either, he has yellow-green mucus running from his nose and mouth.  He loves giving hugs and can walk so I have now dubbed him the “ebola monkey virus kid”.  I hate that I can’t do much for the baby, but I have been nursing like crazy and using saline drops to break up his mucus.  He acts like nothing is wrong thank goodness.  What have your home remedies been? (keep in mind this lil one is still only 6mths old) And what can I say to the daycare (trying to be as nice as possible)?  Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

November 4, 2010

I’m Coming for you Tooth Fairy

So my son’s first tooth still hasn’t cut thru yet. His gums are swollen, he’s drooling like crazy, and uses his whole fist (or anything hard he can chew that’s in his reach) to soothe his poor gums. I’m mad at the tooth fairy because he would wake up at most 1 time a night. One night, he made it for a full 12hrs! Now? Um, he’s back to waking up every 2-3hrs just to nurse. It got so bad, around 3am we’re co-sleeping again. He’s too big (and mind you, too strong) to be co-sleeping with daddy and I. Mainly me, my back hurts from his kicking! So yea, tooth fairy, watch yo back!

September 18, 2010

My Son is my Alarm Clock

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Ever since I started working at the hospital (630am-3pm), my son switched his schedule along with me and wakes up at 5am for a morning feed. It’s almost like he is making sure that mommy is awake. Unfortunately though, before I started at the hospital, daddy threw his back out. Like super bad. The doctor doesn’t even want him to lift our 13lb son! Thank goodness for family who has been a big help. I love being able to take care of my husband, but its starting to be a pain, and it’s only been ONE WEEK! Sometimes, I wanna nap but I can’t leave him alone with the baby. God forbid if he falls or even drops the baby when he has a muscle spasm.
In other news, I’m still hating the daycare. For one, they fed my lil man rice cereal because he hit 4 months old. I asked them not to and they want a doctor’s note (since she said closer to 5-6mths). What is THAT craziness?!? Then, when his teachers speak of him getting solids, they tell me “he won’t want your milk anymore” or “how will you keep up??”. My response has been, “we’ll do just fine thank you”. Luckily for me, the hospital has been very accomadating with my pumping situation (it IS a hospital). Other than that mess at the daycare, everyone loves my son. I hope they don’t spoil the mess out of him!
Working at the hospital has been awesome. I felt weird asking for breaktime (which I can work with the ones already provided) and a place to pump. My director (a man) went straight to a nursing mom and asked her for the info and showed me the way! There are a lot of mothers that work there and its cool to hear stories about the different stages. Plus, I’m geting to do something I love, and that is working in the lab!

September 7, 2010

New Milestones Daily!

How was everyone’s Labor Day?!?!? Mine seemed to be the same ol’ stuff BUT The 3rd has learned new tricks! Ok, not new tricks but he has reached new milestones.  As mentioned before, my little man is teething. I hate seeing him in pain and if it is major enough, he will refuse the boob.  So, I went to one of my trusty “lactivist bloggers” Blacktating and made him some momsicles. He was impatient, to say the least, so I chopped it up and feed him from the spoon and boy was it YUMMY!

He still seemed to show some extrusion reflex, so I’m gonna play it by ear and wait until HE is ready.  We did try some banana mixed with mommy’s milk and he tried to grab the spoon from me to eat himself!

Next milestone we hit this weekend was rolling over.  He has rolled from his stomach to his back constantly, but getting back to his stomach was a task.  Now, he is a rolling champion! Which means, no more pillow borders on the bed for us.

The other milestone, is not TRULY a milestone.  Daddy and I were laughing at The 3rd for trying to get out of his Bumbo. He kept stretching his back with one arm in the air but it wasn’t working.  Finally, he put his foot in the seat (don’t ask me how), stretched his back out and threw himself over the side.  Thank goodness the seat was on the floor! Gave mommy a slight scare but I had the ground padded.

My big, growing boy!

September 2, 2010

Time to Make the Cookies

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That’s what one of my students at my job said to me the other day. “Time to make the cookies”. He was referring to me taking the walk to my curtained room to pump my milk. I actually liked the phrase. Better than what another student told my boss, “oh she is milking” LOL. While I sit here “making cookies”, I am reminded of how my job, coworkers, and students helped me accomplish 4mths of breastfeeding. It wasn’t easy, but a little bit of determination and a good attitude will help you a lot. Everyone thought I was crazy for going back to work at 4wks. Even crazier for going back to school at 6wks postpartum. I was warned about nipple confusion and failing at breastfeeding. Thank goodness I have a thing about proving people wrong. When I home, my baby gets all of me and he truly loves his “daddy time” when I’m not there. Now that my schedule has changed, he’ll ignore me and look to daddy cuz I’m trying to get in on their time! Putting my 2wks in at work was really hard for me but I’m excited for the changes that are coming with it. Lil’ man just has to be ok with mommy being home from now on! 🙂

August 30, 2010


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Just wanna scream it out….not a good day today.  Just because I keep a smile on my face and try to keep moving on with life doesn’t mean I’m not affected by something. Blar!

August 28, 2010

I am Changing

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So motherhood has definately changed me. I hope for the better as well. I like to think I have become a better partner for the hubby. Granted I’m currently still gone on my 15hr days but that will change in a week or so. I hope this new found time will help me with getting my butt in the kitchen and taking care of some household chores. Also part of my new lifestyle is my love for my son. I want to give him everything I can to help him with his development. Of course, that started with breastfeeding. Both the hubs and I talk to him constantly so that he can build his vocabulary. I also do some signs here and there. I’m even contemplating making his own baby food when he starts on solids. This was not me a few years ago! How has motherhood changed you?

August 27, 2010


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So now everyone is mentioning my son is teething.  I, however, have been saying this for the past few weeks.  It started with the excessive drooling, the bearing down on mommy (yep, my nipples knew first), wanting to have everything in his mouth.  You know, the typical signs.  No one, not even the hubs believed me.  Yesterday the daycare mentioned it and NOW it makes sense. Um hello?!?!? I’m his mother! I know when my son is teething.  The poor boy sucked a red mark on his arm just to ease his gums.  I’m tempted to run out and get some Orajel for his poor gums or should I do like our mothers did and put a lil liquor on it?  Please know that I’m kidding (no alcohol for the little guy yet).  Anyone got some home remedies for me?

Drunk (milk drunk that is LOL)

P.S. The daycare also told me that he spit out the formula cause it was so nasty to him. Yay for breastmilk!

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