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August 23, 2012

August Roundup

ImageDid you miss us? It’s that time again for my once in every 2-4 months post LOL. New apartment and daycare seem to be working out well.  I’m trying to decorate, but I was not born with that womanly skill AT ALL! I need help…desperately! I’m very plain Jane-ish but I want my apartment to look welcoming.  However, it’s hard to stay motivated to decorate with a destructive two-year-old living with you.

Speaking of my angel, the daycare change is going beautifully.  He is still going through his terrible terrific twos (depending on the hour), but he’s growing and becoming more independent each day.  We are pretty much fully potty-trained with accidents only happening overnight once in a blue moon.  I must give props to the daycare for that, because they had me put Alex in underwear after being there for only one week.  There is one kid in his class that I have “issues” with, so I’m going to have Daddy handle that because I am NO GOOD with confrontation…I’m too nice.  I’m trying to be proactive with his learning because he seems to be leaps and bounds ahead of most of the kids in his class, but I don’t want to push him too much either.  It’s a blessing and a curse to have such a smart child. LOL! But seriously, I’m running out of age-appropriate material for him.  If I can hold out until Christmas, my next gift will be the LeapFrog reader or even the LeapPad (my niece has a LeapPad and it’s amazing!).

On the home front, me and the Man are great!  We just celebrated 3 years of marriage (5 years of being together) and it’s still like when we just met.  We are both trying to be healthier, however he seems to be better at it than I am.  It’s kind of hard when you HATE to sweat!  Work is uneventful, but I love it. Health-wise, I’m on my full dose of Rebif and I have good days and bad days. I get a recheck in September, so we’ll see how I’m really doing.  New goals for the end of the year are: lose 10-15lbs, find a babysitter (we need some adult time), get this apartment looking nice, and find a church home up here (yea, I admit we have been slacking on that end).

Any new goals for my friends out there?


August 30, 2010


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Just wanna scream it out….not a good day today.  Just because I keep a smile on my face and try to keep moving on with life doesn’t mean I’m not affected by something. Blar!

July 17, 2010

What a Difference a Day Makes

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…or a whole year!  Last time I was blogging, I mentioned that I was getting married.  Well I got married, got back into school, AND had a baby (God blessed us with that wedding present on wedding night). So here is my past year in pics. Enjoy, and I hope to blog more REAL soon!

L on Wedding Day

I surprised him with this Groom's cake

We're so cool we had a Wedding AfterParty at the club!

We did DisneyWorld for our Honeymoon...shortly after which I found out I was preggo!

Halloween 09 I told my internet friends...I'm dressed as Juno

May 07, 2010 The Happiest Day of My Life

My Happy Lil Man!

July 1, 2009

Argh! I hate my hair!

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So today I was stressing about how my wedding hair would look.  I have decided to include my tweeple in choosing and it seems that the two looks that we are down to are:




Either way….ya’ll know I had to get a wash and set…cuz I DEFINATELY can’t go to my hairstylist with my hair a tangled mess LOL (thank goodness for dominican hairstylists!)

June 29, 2009

Man, I miss you Michael

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I was picking out Wedding Songs for both the ceremony and reception.  After hearing Ne-Yo sing “Lady in My Life” yesterday at the BET Awards, I’ve decided that I want our first dance to be to that.  I’m sure that our wedding will be VERY MJ heavy.  Don’t worry, you won’t see a Thriller dance by my bridal party however.  I planned on having a music-themed wedding anyhow and now that the King of Pop is gone, I feel its only right to incorporate him into the wedding.

So while searching for good audio for the DJ at the wedding, I got caught up on youtube.  Seeing fan-made videos and listening to songs throughout his career made me cry again.  He had such an impact on certain aspects of my life, it is hard to believe that he is gone.  I just wanna say, although gone you will never be forgotten.

Crank Dat Wedding

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So Sunday was an interesting day. I was totally pooped by the time I
got home that there was literally no energy in my fingers to blog!
Anyhow, you know how some Sundays (well most) you get to Church and
the pastor performs a sermon that you need? Yesterday was that day. I
just love how God comes into your life right when you need him! For
those that are interested in what the sermon was: when things are at
their worst, God will rain down on you. Whether its that job you need,
relationship you are in, etc…God will answer your prayers.
Beautiful, just beautiful.
After church, I dragged my future hubby to be to a wedding production
in south Ga. I never been to a bridal show before, mainly because I’m
out of town or I don’t have my wedding chain on the hubby ;-), but
this was different. It was a bridal production, meaning that there was
a fake wedding and reception. It was good for me tho because I had
cocktail food AND reception food! Mmm mmm good! The whole focus was
surrounding the hotel and if I had the “typical wedding budget” to
spend…I might think of having my wedding there. I did win a prize
tho toward the honeymoon, so let’s hope I get to use that! The other
highlight of the day was watching the fake bridal party perform single
ladies and crank dat as part of their first dance…hilarious!
I then had to drive up to the northside of Atlanta to get a surprise
hubby gift and now I’m mad at Man Alive. The gift was the Tableturns
Watch from Flud. However, Man Alive was clearing out their store and
had a clearance sale on them (for like $10!), so now no Atlanta store
carries them. The salesperson who had me drive to the store thought I
was speaking of an Echo watch…smh. I’m gonna find it tho and get it
to my man. Cuz I love him!
We were able to get back home in time and pass out on the couch while
watching the BET awards. I love that Jamie Foxx had us remember the
good things that we loved about Michael. Janet almost made me cry
again too. She’s a beautiful person.
Remind me however, NOT to go to bed watching True Blood. Its not good
for my dreams…or the fiance’s back (since I have a tendency to

June 27, 2009

Hello world!

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So this is a personal journey….wait a minute, let’s start again:

Hi, I’m L or as some people call me LaLa.  Which is why you are here reading L in LaLa Land.  Funny right?  This is a personal journey.  I am hoping for this blog to be inspirational and therapeutic at the same time.  Maybe you’ll find me crazy.  I partially am…don’t worry, it’s normal.  A little about me: I like to talk about myself, my world and the inner workings of my mind.  If you don’t like it…cool.  You’re entitled to your opinion, just don’t bug me about it.

Aight…I think that’s it for this post! To-da-loo!

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