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March 4, 2012

I Have a Lil’ Young Man!

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It seemed like only last month (it was probably 2 months ago actually) that this lil’ one would fall out screaming when he wanted something. Talk about stressful! I would always tell him, “use your words please” “what exactly do you need?” This morning he shocked me by calmly saying, “Have yogurt?” I gave him a raised eyebrow and “Please” shortly followed. Where did this young man come from?! Just goes to show you that the ‘falling out screaming’ phase will get better and if you stick to YOUR manners, your lil one will copy what they hear. Trust me, toddlers copy EVERYTHING. But that’s for another post!


February 29, 2012

What’s New in La La Land

Quick update, but this post will be loaded with pictures.  I haven’t posted since our trip to Oklahoma, but not much has happened. Well, actually that’s a lie.  We had Christmas, grandmommie visited, mommy turned 30, daddy had surgery, mommy had surgery, and Alex grows each day as a toddler.  His vocabulary is amazing!  I worry about music on the radio because he picks up EVERYTHING (but he doesn’t know what those words mean).  We’re getting out of the temper tantrum phase, so my nerves are a little better. I passed my MLT certification and start working at the hospital on Monday (yay! excitement!).  Daddy and I are even looking at houses, seeing that our commute is over an hour long for the BOTH of us.  Anyhow, here is the past few months in pictures:

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November 22, 2011

Traveling with a Toddler

I thought I was prepared.  I read numerous blogs on the topic, I talked about it with the little one days in advance, I was even armed with snacks and videos.  Nothing, I tell you nothing, could have prepared me for this!  And by this, I mean, traveling alone, by plane, with my 18 month old son.

I was surprising my best friend (of now 12 years?? wow!) for her birthday.  Alex and I were scheduled to be on a flight from Atlanta to Oklahoma at 9pm on a Friday night.  The Tuesday before, I started freaking out.  Even now, as I write this post, I’m getting anxiety again!  I read blog after blog after blog, both personal and those on parenting sites, trying to get prepared.  99% of them said that it wasn’t that bad and these people took their kids overseas and was fine.   Still, my mind was saying, “You don’t know MY child.  What if he runs off at security? Will security give him or me a hard time? How will I get him to sit STILL on my LAP for 2 HOURS?!?!”  Wednesday, I packed my clothes and freaked out some more.  I contemplated buying a leash harness, but decided against it.  Thursday, I packed the baby bag making sure I had his Pediasure (my toddler’s kryptonite) and snacks and games.  I relaxed at the hair salon some until my stylist told me the horror stories of traveling with her 6 month old (opening his diaper, tasting the milk….before TSA policies were changed).  Friday, I had complete and total inner meltdown.  My awesome husband told me to relax since the baby would feed off of my energy.  I tried to calm down, I couldn’t.  I rushed to Target to get the harness that I had decided against.  I picked up the little man from daycare and packed the rest of our things.  The husband came home with an early birthday gift for me (a Kindle Fire) that was loaded with all the baby’s videos for the trip.  This brought my anxiety level down from a 13 to probably a 9.  I also went ahead and gave the little guy some of his cold medicine, thinking he would get tired on the plane.

WRONG!  I knew it would be wrong and thought it might help.  With the excitement of the airport, a new environment, and being overtired, my little man was WIDE OPEN.  I used the harness while putting stuff in the bins at security.  Thank goodness for it because he tried to dart underneath the rope.  He did however, had to walk through the metal detector with it off and by himself (which made him want to run through it about 3 times).  I couldn’t get the harness back on him fast enough at the other end before he took off running through the airport, leaving me to run after him IN SOCKS while all the bags were left on the conveyor belt (I caught him though before he got too far).  We didn’t have much time in the terminal before getting on the plane which we were allowed to get on board first.  He enjoyed looking out the window and drinking his Pediasure until the guy who actually had the window seat boarded, to which he let out a blood curdling scream.

I'm going to scream in 3....2....1..

 For the 1st hour of the flight, Alex did really well with the Kindle videos (THANK YOU HUBBY!!), but then got bored and learned how to skip through them.  Me and our seat buddy then entertained him by turning off and on the overhead lights.  Finally, he got tired and fell asleep for 30 min but woke during the 15min landing.  I combatted his ears popping by giving him something to drink but he still screamed the last 5 min.

Watching Best of Elmo's World 2

The flight home was totally different.  Because he actually started getting a cold, I still medicated him but 4 hours before our flight.  He got a burst of energy but ran it out at my friend’s house.  By the time we got to the airport, he was exhausted.  Security decided to close the check-in point right by the drop off area and my gate so I had to walk a little further.  He had fun again at the metal detectors but didn’t stray too far.  I had one bottle of Pediasure left (from a whole 6-pack) which OKC TSA made me open, but luckily I gave it to him while collecting my bags and putting my shoes back on.  We grabbed some Moe’s at the terminal and while I was collecting my garbage he decided to dart off again.  I had grabbed the harness JUST IN TIME (which was our last time using it).  The plane was pretty empty so he had his own seat by the window.  This was an evening flight as well, so he relaxed with the Kindle for pretty much the whole flight.

Buckling his seatbelt

That is of course until we landed.  He didn’t want to drink ANYTHING for me and thankfully, a gentleman leaned over and rubbed his ears until they popped (which takes a little pressure and I was rubbing too gently).
All in all, it WAS a great trip.  We both survived even though my nerves are still bad.  Would I travel alone with my son again? No. But I’m more prepared for the next flight (which is Christmas time).  Here a some items/travel tips that I learned/recommend:
  1. Bring a portable DVD Player or anything with your child’s favorite movies
  2. Snacks (make sure they won’t get taken away at security) or money for food/snacks in the terminal
  3. If it will make you sane, buy a harness (for those just in case moments)
  4. Games/Toys that are age appropriate
  5. Be aware that medication is only for sick children (and can have the opposite effect)
  6. Find the fun in everything (with us, it was the overhead lights)
  7. Your child feeds off your energy, so make sure to travel with patience
  8. Don’t worry about what others think (this was a major cause of my anxiety)
  9. Lots of people travel with kids and all of them, both parents and children, act differently.  Find what works for you!

Do you guys have anything to add?

October 17, 2011

Toddler Bootcamp

Since these last few weeks of clinical training for school, I haven’t been able to spend time with Alex like I want to. We have been potty training and working on vocabulary as I got him ready for school in the morning and ready for bed in the evening. But these past six weeks while I was training, Daddy took him to school in the morning and I was just to exhausted in the evening.  Potty training took more than a backseat since the daycare wasn’t enforcing it like I thought. Alex started acting out and screaming for things since I wasn’t there as much as I used to be (and yes, this broke my heart entirely). So, I decided that during my two week break from clinicals, Alex was gonna go through “Toddler Bootcamp”.

But why mommy? You know I love you right?!?

For me, Toddler Bootcamp was heavy (well heavier, since I’m not TRYING to stress it too much) potty training, introducing new words and making sure he used his words when asking for things. So far, today Monday is day 3.  I am proud to say that Alex has been asking for the potty consistently and we are back up to approximately 50%. Also, there have been less meltdowns but he’s been slightly under the weather so that calls for more cuddling rather than falling out in front of the fridge because I can’t tell whether he wants yogurt, milk, pediasure, or water.

So, what am I doing different? Pottying: asking more often, paying more attention to cues, and for about 2-3hrs a day he is diaper-free. Vocabulary/Manners: introduce new words as often as possible, reinforce manners where important like the dinner table, make sure that both Daddy and I use manners. Other things: discipline with this little one has been HARD. We have a timeout chair which he does sometimes but in true mischievous little boy fashion, he loves to disobey.  So for now, taking the Nanny Jo approach with timeout, explain afterwards what was wrong, child apologize, hug and keep it moving. Let’s hope all this stuff works!

What is new with your little ones? Am I crazy for putting little man through “toddler bootcamp”?

August 3, 2011

My Doula Experience

My friend Katena had a beautiful little boy 6 months ago and throughout pregnancy and labor she had many questions for me (since my son Alex is 9 months older). I spoke highly of my midwife, my birth plan, and most importantly my doula. Yes, I had a doula. Her name is Dee Dee and she is pretty awesome! I thought that she would be more of a coach for my husband (who likes to stay attached to his blackberry and the idea of that happening during my labor made me….angry LOL). However, she was more there for me during my braxton hicks and prodromal labor and the intense contractions after they gave me pitocin in the hospital. I always knew that Dee Dee had a calming and beautiful aura around herself and that’s exactly what I needed in labor and delivery. In a way, I became a mini coach for Katena during her delivery and it made me feel pretty awesome that I could help her like Dee Dee helped me.  Katena interviewed me about my doula and you can read it here

June 16, 2011

Why I Chose to Breastfeed

My mom breastfed me. That’s all I knew. I wasn’t sure for how long or what the reasoning was but my mom breastfed me. Therefore, I always knew that I would breastfeed my own child when I had one. A few years ago, my sister’s friend came to visit from her new home in Africa. She had her child with her and that was my first encounter with extended breastfeeding. Sitting on our couch, she knew her child was hungry and fed her right there. Amazingly, I was not “grossed out” by someone who was breastfeeding her child with teeth.
Then in 2009 I became pregnant. About 20wks into my pregnancy, I decided to take charge of my birth along with the help of my midwife. Within my research, I found many support groups on both birth and breastfeeding. It was then I learned that breastfeeding wasn’t as simple as putting baby to the breast. There are two people in the equation (mother AND baby) and they both have to “know” what they were doing. So armed with information and determination, I was ready.
The day of delivery didn’t go as planned. I ended up being induced and then had a c-section, but I was happy my little bundle of joy got here safely. However, while I was recovering from my c-section, the nurses took my little man to Special Care area where he was offered a bottle. Luckily, I brought my pump with me to the hospital and I pumped colostrum along with his feeding schedule in Special Care. They would not “release” him from Special Care until he took the required amount of formula (this is a major Booby Trap). I would go and attempt to latch him but he just wasn’t ready (which was the issue the nurses had with the bottle). 2 days later, he knew what to do and latched on like a champ. 2 days after that, my milk came in and there was no looking back.
I went back to work VERY EARLY, but I was determined to breastfeed my child a whole year. I set up a lactation room at my job and at school my teachers let me use their offices. Anytime I had issues, I would look to my online support groups. I found safe havens like Best for Babes, Blacktating, and The Leaky B@@b. It was the latter 2 that had me asking my husband, “what do you think if I breastfed for 2years?”
However, as my son’s first year came to an end, so did our nursing relationship. My son was more interested in exploring and I was getting “touched out”. At around 9mths, my pumping slowed down to 1-2x a day. By the time he was 11mths, he was nursing only once every 2-3 days. Our last nursing session was 2 days after his 1st birthday.

My advice to new moms wanting to breastfeed? 1) Read read read. 2) Find a healthcare provider that will support you in your efforts. 3) Use your lactation consultant to the fullest at the hospital (especially if its a good one). 4) Know that breastfeeding takes time and dedication but you can do it. Besides any amount of time breastfeeding is great. 5) Find support groups that you would like to be a part of. 6) And most importantly, don’t feel discouraged. Just do your best and forget the rest!

January 8, 2011

Dear Daycare

Once again, my annoyance with his daycare class leads me to this letter:

Dear Daycare,
What the hell are you feeding my child?
Love, Me

Over the Christmas vacay and every weekend, my child is “regular” (read: he is having a bowel movement everyday). About Tues/Wed, he is stopped up like a cork. So bad, that he is crying and shaking trying to get ANYTHING out. I do daily belly exercises and baby yoga to help him. I have inspected each daily report and I’ve come to the conclusion that it must be the rice cereal. We feed organic brown rice at home occasionally and oatmeal cereal doesn’t seem to cause the problem either. So Monday morning I’m headed there to let them know (with a doctor’s note in hand)! It makes me wonder tho, HOW MUCH cereal are they feeding him to cause a blockage like that?

December 1, 2010

My Childbirth Story

At 39 weeks, my midwife told me that the practice would only let her have me go 1 week over my due date. I understood, working in healthcare, so I planned for when I would be out of school. I was banking on the fact that I would have a natural (meaning no drugs) childbirth and if I HAD to be induced, I was still going to have the baby vaginally. By week 40, I was doing all ‘natural induction‘ techniques but nothing seemed to work! My midwife hooked me up to a monitor in the office and I was contracting but not dilating. She gave me some evening primrose oil, said I could do Castor oil rubs, have sex and she expected to see me at the hospital in labor. The day of my scheduled induction, she was shocked that I still hadn’t gone into labor. By this point, I was having pretty consistent contractions at 10-15min apart but still not dilating. My midwife said the she would meet me at the hospital and start me with Cervidil. She explained that way, I can dilate with my contractions and the baby should be out by the morning. This was Wednesday evening at 7pm. 9am Thursday morning she came into my hospital room asking me why I didn’t have my baby yet. I had been on my birthing ball, changing positions, walking around…nothing. My midwife also had “words” (outside my room of course) with my RN on the morning shift because the RN decided to pull my Cervidil after the midwife said she wanted to be the ONLY one to touch me. Plus, this RN kept asking me when did I want pain medication because “at some point you’re GONNA need it“.  10am, Pitocin was started. She didn’t want to PUSH me, so she did smaller than the recommended increments because, that baby was coming out! That’s when things got hard. The pressure was a whole lot stronger than I had been feeling. My husband and doula would switch off and massage me, I was in and out of bed, still rolling on the ball, and I tried to eat but my appetite was gone. Around 6pm, after going to the potty and climbing back into bed, the RN came to check on me before her shift ended. In those 5 minutes of talking to her, I felt a huge rush of warm fluid and said, “Ooo, I think my water just broke!” She told me, “No, can’t be” (see why I didn’t like her?) To which I responded, “It can’t be pee, I JUST went!” She checked me, and almost said no again until she saw it still flowing and said, “you sure did break your water!” I felt relieved because the end was near. My midwife came back in (she was supposed to be off for 2 days from the hospital but she refused to let me birth without her), checked me and I was 5cm. Sometime after the next pitocin increment and the next 2hrs, I lost track of what was going on. I literally was in “active labor”, delusional, breathing thru each contraction (which seemed like 0min apart), and just wanted my husband by me holding my hand. The next time I saw my midwife, I asked for just a little something. I think she gave me Demerol which let me rest for about 10-15min. Around 9pm, the midwife was back in my room and I had oxygen on my face (where did THAT come from?). Her, the evening shift RN, my doula, and my husband had me changing positions constantly and trying to massage the baby down into my birth canal, which really hurt my back. The next thing I heard was my midwife quietly tell the nurse, “can you call Doctor Jordan?” My first words were, “I’m going to surgery? Can I get the epidural now?” The midwife explained that the baby’s heartrate started to drop and was not progressing down the birth canal. She wanted to wait a little longer but have the doctor ready. I asked for the epidural again. My husband and doula knew I was speaking out of pain, tiredness, and just plain delusional LOL. They told me it wasn’t what I wanted and I was doing so well. “Let’s not think of surgery. You are doing great, you are strong.” I started pleading with my husband, “I know that, this is not out of pain. I’m tired and about to go to surgery. I want the epidural!” Somehow, the husband and I decided to go ahead and get the epidural and see if I can progress and NOT be cut (I was trying to avoid a c-section). The midwife agreed. Of course, it seemed like hours for the anesthesiologist to get there and I was soooo relaxed after getting my epidural. I fell asleep and next thing I know it was midnight and my midwife told me the heartrate was still dropping, the baby still wasn’t coming down, and she didn’t want it to be an emergency c-section. I asked her to leave to discuss with my husband. I was comfortable to go ahead with the surgery because I felt that everything was done at that point. When my midwife came back in, I told her my decision and asked her to be in surgery next to my doctor. She agreed not to leave me until I woke up from surgery and b/c she did, I ended up with a beautiful stitch that she made sure the doc did (and refused for her to use staples)! I was asleep for the most part (which is why I didn’t want drugs, they hit me hard); turns out my son was FACE UP (yay for back labor) and 8lbs 2oz (they expected high 6s, low 7s). My husband woke me up, put my glasses on and let me kiss my son for the 1st time. I was happy it was over. I cried tears of joy.  It was great that he was healthy and I was recovering nicely. Below, you’ll find some important parts from my Birth Plan (which was loosely followed since I ended up with a c-section). Did your childbirth experience follow your birth plan? How closely?

My Birth Plan (excerpts):

I would like the room to stay as quiet and tranquil as possible.  I would like to keep the door closed, minimal interruptions, soft voices, dim lights, and soft music (provided by myself).  Please do not offer any pain medication to me. I will request it if needed.

  • I prefer not to have my labor augmented as long as baby and I are fine.  If my labor needs to be induced or augmented, I prefer natural methods (i.e.-nipple stimulation) and Cervidil (if needed)
  • infrequent vaginal exams
  • freedom to move around (including sitting up, walking around, etc.)
  • as long as the baby and I are doing well:  intermittent rather than continuous EFM,  no stringent time limits

If C-section is needed, I’d like:

  • My husband to be present at all times
  • the surgery to be explained to me as it happens
  • to breastfeed as soon as possible

"Hey there lil guy! Nice to finally meet you"

November 30, 2010

My Sad Lil’ Man

So my son didn’t get over his little sickness like I thought he would.  It lasted all through Thanksgiving and proceeded to get worse on Monday.  Sunday evening, he was a terror overnight.  He didn’t want to nurse, he didn’t want to be comforted, didn’t want to eat, and definitely didn’t want to sleep.  Hubs and I went against our judgment (probably because we were deliriously tired) and sent him to daycare Monday.  When I picked him up, even his teacher mentioned that he wasn’t like himself that day.  4am this morning, I decided “he HAS to see the doctor”.  Home remedies weren’t getting him any better and I couldn’t stand to see him sick anymore.  Good thing I did! Dad called and got us an appointment within 30min (he said he had a fever).  When we got there, he actually DID have a slight fever.  Turns out he had an ear infection in BOTH ears and had slight congestion in his chest.  The doc, well NP, that saw him gave him a nebulizer treatment and augmentin.  They also gave him a suppository because he was FULL when the NP listened to his stomach (probably too much solids too fast).  Once again, I’m glad he isn’t unbearable to deal with when he’s sick.  After his dose of antibiotic, he actually played with me a bit.  I just hate to see him this way.  Rx: More mommy loving, nursing/fluids, REST.

November 21, 2010

Ebola Monkey Virus Kid

So this weekend hasn’t been too well for The 3rd.  He has a runny nose, a sore throat with a really bad cough, and a slight fever (which is probably from the teething).  I swear, every weekend I get him feeling 100% but on Monday when he returns to daycare he’s back to feeling icky.  And the reason why? Besides the fact that he is in daycare, there is ONE child that has been sick since DAY 1.  I don’t mean a little runny nose either, he has yellow-green mucus running from his nose and mouth.  He loves giving hugs and can walk so I have now dubbed him the “ebola monkey virus kid”.  I hate that I can’t do much for the baby, but I have been nursing like crazy and using saline drops to break up his mucus.  He acts like nothing is wrong thank goodness.  What have your home remedies been? (keep in mind this lil one is still only 6mths old) And what can I say to the daycare (trying to be as nice as possible)?  Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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