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August 30, 2010


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Just wanna scream it out….not a good day today.  Just because I keep a smile on my face and try to keep moving on with life doesn’t mean I’m not affected by something. Blar!


August 28, 2010

I am Changing

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So motherhood has definately changed me. I hope for the better as well. I like to think I have become a better partner for the hubby. Granted I’m currently still gone on my 15hr days but that will change in a week or so. I hope this new found time will help me with getting my butt in the kitchen and taking care of some household chores. Also part of my new lifestyle is my love for my son. I want to give him everything I can to help him with his development. Of course, that started with breastfeeding. Both the hubs and I talk to him constantly so that he can build his vocabulary. I also do some signs here and there. I’m even contemplating making his own baby food when he starts on solids. This was not me a few years ago! How has motherhood changed you?

August 27, 2010


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So now everyone is mentioning my son is teething.  I, however, have been saying this for the past few weeks.  It started with the excessive drooling, the bearing down on mommy (yep, my nipples knew first), wanting to have everything in his mouth.  You know, the typical signs.  No one, not even the hubs believed me.  Yesterday the daycare mentioned it and NOW it makes sense. Um hello?!?!? I’m his mother! I know when my son is teething.  The poor boy sucked a red mark on his arm just to ease his gums.  I’m tempted to run out and get some Orajel for his poor gums or should I do like our mothers did and put a lil liquor on it?  Please know that I’m kidding (no alcohol for the little guy yet).  Anyone got some home remedies for me?

Drunk (milk drunk that is LOL)

P.S. The daycare also told me that he spit out the formula cause it was so nasty to him. Yay for breastmilk!

August 24, 2010

I’ve Been Slacking

Yes, yes I know.  I’ve disappeared these past few days on this blog.  Well first I had a supply issue that I was trying to conquer (thanks Aunt Flo).  I freaked (literally broke down crying) because I had to supplement with formula one day but it really caught me back up.  Thank goodness my baby prefers breastmilk! So does the hubby, he goes “yea, that formula tastes NOTHING like breastmilk….eww!” LOL.  I’ve also had a mini freakout because this is the week I put my two weeks in.  I’m not ready to leave the benefits or the people here, but I’m so ready for my clinical rotations.  Thank goodness for stipend money!

This weekend, I got to see 3 of my preggo ladies and talk to my online preggo on the phone (I’ve never heard her voice before! LOL)  They are all great, minus the hormonal rollercoaster but do you know how hard it is to make a baby…FROM SCRATCH?!?!?  We talked about men (and boys), taking care of ourself for the little ones, sex, and of course breastfeeding (gimme a break, I just figured out I’m a lactivist).  The 3rd (my lil man) enjoyed being around the ladies and posted up with his little cute self (he gets it from daddy).  I would’ve NIP but I was in the center of the restaurant with 3 preggo ladies.  Plus, hubby isn’t too fond of it.  In my mind, nursing is very intimate between my child and I.  If I was in a booth and wasn’t having loud convo and didn’t have a bag of “mommy’s milk” handy, I probably would have.  Anyhow, I found out one of my preggos is having a boy.  I’m so excited for her!  Since all 3 are due in January, I’m thinking a joint baby shower.  However, I don’t want one to be jipped over the others.  Ahh decisions, decisions! What do you think?

August 9, 2010

Ack! I Sprung a Leak!

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I've Sprung A Leak!

“You need the BP engineers over there to help cap it off?” ~my husband

I’m all for emptying the boob during a pumping session.  However, I don’t like to take up too much time during my “scheduled breaks” since I am supposed to be working.  So you can imagine my surprise when my super producer (the Left side) decided to fill up 2 bottles!  I can get anywhere between 4-6oz on the left side, today was 7.5oz.  At 20min in, I wrote my husband (yes, we have text convos while I pump to pass the time) saying that I didn’t think I was able to stop anytime soon.  To which he responded with the above quote.  When one bottle was full, I stop and restarted the pump on a new bottle.  45min later….well, you get the picture.  Maybe my LO is going through a growth spurt…or I just need to lay off the fenugreek.

August 7, 2010

Life Changes

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I always been a slight workaholic.  I go to school and work full-time.  I’m outside of my home approx. 15 hours a day.  That was all fine and dandy at the age of 22 when I was working on my undergrad and had two jobs.  I’m about to be 29, married with a new baby boy.  I have home responsibilities now.

As of September, I’ll be starting my clinical rotations for school at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta (and Fayetteville most likely).  I’m excited, but the bummer is that I’m leaving my current job (I already have senioritis tho).  With more time for myself (and my new family), I plan on re-vamping my business (StarLIT PR) and getting back into the thick of things.  I miss my friends out there, I miss my husband, and I definately don’t wanna miss out on my son.  Time for me to do ME!

My Run In With the Janitor

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Those that know me, know that I don’t like to cause conflict.  I’m actually more of a mediator than anything else.  Well here at work, our cleaning crew (really just ONE person) constantly buffs the floor and it seems like the bathrooms are never clean.  It got to the point where people wanted to cut the cord to his buffing machine!  Thankfully, a friend of mine who is also a friend of our janitor set it up so I could talk to him.  I hated voicing the complaints of others, but something needed to be done.  I told him the female issues and he explained what his day is like (which included cleaning the bathroom twice).  Turns out, we just have nasty females that utilize our bathrooms.  The janitor was really nice and let us know that we could come to him with our issues and we worked out a new schedule so that the women who were complaining could walk into a clean restroom during their break.  I was pretty proud of myself for being able to work that out. 

Ladies, clean up after yourself and men, check your chic’s bathroom in her residence….I never realized there are so many nasty females out there.  I won’t go into the details that I saw here at my job, but PEOPLE shouldn’t be doing certain stuff in public restrooms in THIS COUNTRY (and to think, it was offered as a place for me to pump).

August 2, 2010

Adventures in Breastfeeding

So my son started daycare today.  I was hurt slightly, I think dad missed him more since he is the WAHD (work at home dad).  I knew even though my mother works at the daycare, the staff in the infant room was not well versed in bottle feeding a breastfed baby. 

I knew I should have written down instructions because I’m extremely attached to my “liquid gold”.  Instead, I measured out 4-4oz bottles as well as giving them an extra bag (thanks Lansinoh) just in case which would last until 6pm.  At 1145ish, they call my husband (who in turn, called me) for “more milk because we ran out”.  I freaked out! How did my child eat ALL that food in approx. 4hrs?!?!?  I know that breastmilk digests more easily than formula, but were they sticking a bottle in his mouth everytime he made a peep?  I called the hubby to freak out, but he was already taking my frozen stash up there and he was HOT so he didn’t want me to break that mood (did I mention I LOVE this man?!?!).  In the meantime, I pumped on the way home from school (yes, PWD).  I guess I was in panic mode and had suction on a little higher than expected, so I was sore by the time I got home.  When hubby arrived, he calmed me down greatly.  Turns out, my son likes to “nurse” his milk.  At about 2-3oz, he will pause (whether to burp, look around, smile, laugh) and then continue to drink the other 1-20z.  The lovely workers (yes, that’s dripping with sarcasm) fed him 2oz, laid him down and was wondering why he was screaming for more food every 45min-1hr.  So with him eating every hour, they freaked and thought they would run out.  He didn’t, and ate just the 4-4oz bottles by 6pm.  Thank goodness I know my baby and kudos to daddy!

Today is a Special Day

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Sunday was mine and hubby’s anniversary.  We exchanged cards telling how much we loved and appreciated each other, got dressed up and went to dinner at the Ellis Hotel on Peachtree.  It was nice to have just time alone, even though we both were ready for bed by 9 o’clock (gosh, I feel old).  To sum it up, I….LOVE….THIS….MAN!!!!

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