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July 21, 2010


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Yay For Babies!


I’m excited about this upcoming year.  One, I get to watch my son grow into a young man.  Two, I met some awesome women who had children around the same time as me and I’m gonna let our kiddies play together ASAP (ok, maybe after all the important vaccines). Three, and this one is a biggie, a lot more of my friends are having babies! Yay for babies!  I mean close friends, acquaintances, and twitter/FB buds are having them. 

Let me explain why this is such great news. Four people, yes FOUR PEOPLE  (technically 5, but one isn’t ready to break the news yet) from my wedding guestlist are pregnant.  I blame my caterer…LOL!  Two of them were bridesmaids (I had 5 and 2 were already pregnant) and my scandalous partners in crime.  Another one is the wife of a groomsman as well as my son’s godparents (me & my hubby and her & her hubby had a pregnancy bet going on from my wedding day.  I got pregnant first, but she is having twins…she WINS).  The fourth one is also a scandalous partner in crime…but you know she the quiet type…does her dirt on the low low! LOL.  Add to that my twitter bud who was supposed to attend my babyshower (so I haven’t officially met her YET) is also preggo.  And guess what?!?!?! They all are due in JANUARY!!!! Like I said, Yay Babies!  I already love them all and got to get some baby shower ideas going.  I wonder if the 3 that are here in Atlanta would mind a joint shower???  I’m already trying to figure out how to run to 3 different Atlanta hospitals! 

*disclaimer: the 5th person from my wedding is also loved greatly (as well as her future child) and I check on her just as much as my other preggo friends.  I just want to respect her privacy.



So today I feared getting a PWD ticket on the way home from school today.  What is PWD? Well it’s Pumping-while-Driving! Weird? Yes. Dangerous? Probably. Extra Pumping Session? Definately.

How did I do it? Well thanks to Sam, I now know how to pump hands-free with rubberbands (although I may cut my sports bra soon and use that).  I wear scrubs to school so I had the horns strategically placed underneath my scrub top (the same HUUUUGE top I wore when I was 10mths pregnant).  I hooked up my Medela PIS Advanced up to the car adapter and myself in the parking lot of school and turned it on.  And off I went.  By the time I got home I had 4oz from each side!

Why I wouldn’t recommend it.  I’m still in that “euphoric” breast pumping state.  So, I TRULY couldn’t concentrate on the road.  Also, I was so nervous about people knowing what I was doing or being pulled over, I’m sure my stress levels and paranoia didn’t help too much with let-down.  Will I do it again? Probably.  Now that I know the whole mechanism, I can utilize my commute to and from school.  I will say a prayer tho (I almost always do when I get behind the wheel)!

July 19, 2010

My Love Affair

So those that know me, know that I’m PRO Breastfeeding.  However, because FMLA is soooo not enough (only 50%), I went back to work when my son was only 1 month old.  I knew early on that I would have to pump (actually I pumped in the hospital b/c they were giving my child formula and I was NOT having it! But that’s another story…) Anyhow, I sat down with my boss about setting me up a room to pump.  1st she offered me the bathroom (eww!), which I calmly explained how that was unsanitary and that by law she must offer me a room.  There was one little issue, all the rooms had full-length windows! So being the savvy mommy that I am, I bought a curtain for my work pumping sessions.

Me in my room with the curtain up

Well, I am also in school!  My teacher has been a total sweetheart with letting me use her office to get a short pump break (approx 8-10min) in during class.  My only issue is everytime she leaves me in the office, she runs and tells someone, “HEY! You know what she’s doing in there?!?!?! Pumping milk for her baby!” Yeaaaaa….thanks.  It’s not everyday that your whole class knows that you are sitting bare-breast in your instructors office attached to a pump…BUT, I digress.

So, where does this love affair come in at?  Well, I am having a full out affair with my Medela Pump-In-Style Advanced breastpump.  Yep, that’s me.  Let me put it this way, I’m gone Mon-Thurs from 645am-930pm Fri 10-7pm and Sat 8-2pm.  That is literally NO baby time, except his midnight feeds and definately NO hubby time!  Now here’s where you say, “Why don’t you try and jump hubby’s bone in the middle of the night or something?”  Which my response would be, TRUST ME I WISH I COULD!  By some freak accident, mother nature has decided to come back when I was 6wks postpartum…NO FAIR.  Then I’m on Implanon which could either TOTALLY ERASE your period, or have you spot constantly…lucky me, I got stuck with the latter.  So, the ONLY action this newly married woman is getting…the suction from her breastpump (ok, I lie…hubby and I do get some time alone here and there).  I wonder if hubby is jealous…  Either way our anniversary is approaching in a few weeks, so I’ll have something nice planned for him and leave my pump out of the bedroom!

July 17, 2010

What a Difference a Day Makes

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…or a whole year!  Last time I was blogging, I mentioned that I was getting married.  Well I got married, got back into school, AND had a baby (God blessed us with that wedding present on wedding night). So here is my past year in pics. Enjoy, and I hope to blog more REAL soon!

L on Wedding Day

I surprised him with this Groom's cake

We're so cool we had a Wedding AfterParty at the club!

We did DisneyWorld for our Honeymoon...shortly after which I found out I was preggo!

Halloween 09 I told my internet friends...I'm dressed as Juno

May 07, 2010 The Happiest Day of My Life

My Happy Lil Man!

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